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Knowing about herbs and their uses is becoming important now that many people are now turning to herbal remedies.

This can be partly due to many reasons like:

  1. Increasing cost of medications
  2. Poor state of health
  3. Inadequate number of qualified health care professionals
  4. Many people believe that herbs are safer than medications.

Herbs and their uses.

This is a list of common herbs used in many communities to treat various health conditions. 

SN Local name Botanical name Local Uses
1 Ewe akoko Newbouldia laevis Hypertension, Yellow Fever, Jaundice
2 Egbo tude Caltiandra portoricensis  Tuberculosis, Anthelmintic, Abortifacient.
3 Egbo shapo Anthocleista djalonensis Wound, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Abdominal Pain
4 Ewe sawerepepe Cyathula prostrata Diabetes
5 Ewe Botuje Jatropha curcas  Syphilis, Antidote For Snake Poison, Hemorrhoid,
6 Ewe Abamoda Bryophyllum pinnatum Epilepsy, Cough, To Heal Babies’ Navel 
7 Ewe Abo Annona senegalensis Impotence, Stomach Ache, Veneral Disease
8 Epo coco Theobroma cacao Hypertension, Pain, Diarrhoea
9 Epo Oganwo Khaya grandifoliola Cough, Bacterial Infection, Malaria
10 Epo idin Terminalia avicennioides Anticancer, Female Infertility
11 Epo Ayin Anogeissus leiocarpus Antisickling, Hemorrhoid
12 Ewe Ipin Ficus exerspirata Wounds, Hypertension, Diabetes
13 Etiponla Boerhavia diffusa Skin Diseases, Smallpox, Cough, Scabies
14 Epakun Curculigo pilosa Hemorrhoid, Abscess, Diabetes, Female Infertility
15 Bara Citrulus lanatus Gonorrhea, Vaginitis, Candidiasis, Syphilis,
16 Ewe rinrin Peperomia pellucida Boils, Keloid, Hemorrhoid, 
17 Ewe Rere Cassia occidentalis Typhoid Fever, Hemorrhoid, Hypertension,
18 Ewe Rerinkomi Ageratum conyzoides Wounds, Skin Diseases, Eye Wash
19 Ewe Olasekotu Sida acuta Boil, Malaria, Ulcer,
20 Ewe bomubomu Calotropis procera Convulsion, Antipyretic, Anticancer
21 Ewe ido Canna indica  Malaria, Guinea Worm Infections
22 Ewe patanmo Mimosa pudica Fibroid, Deworming, Hemorrhoid
23 Ogbe oriakuko Heliotropium indicum Wounds, Skin Ulcers, Conjunctivitis
24 Ewe Eyinbisanwo Phyllantus amarus Fever, Diabetes, Gonorrhea, Arthritis
25 Egbo ifon Olax subscorpioidea Yellow Fever, Jaundice, Mental Disorders,
26 Iyere Piper guineense Hemorrhoid, Measles, Anticancer
27 Atale pupa Curcuma longa Anticancer, Anti Snake Venom, Malaria, Ulcer
28 Atale Zingiber officanale (Digestive Disorders, Typhoid, Asthma, Hemorrhoid,
29 Alubosa ayu Allium sativum Anti Asthma, Hypertension, Cough,
30 Ewe papasan Portulaca oleracea Fever, Skin Disease, Astringent, Diabetes
31 Ogbede Musa paradisiaca Low Sperm Count, Heart Problems, Blood Tonic,
32 Guava Psidium guava Hemorrhoid, Fever, Dysentery, Diarrhea
33 PawPaw Carica papaya Malaria, Syphilis, Convulsion,
34 Mango Mangifera indica Malaria, Asthma, Yellow Fever
35 Mistletoe Viscum album Anemia, HBP, Stroke
36 Pineapple Ananas comosus Hemorrhoid, Cancer, Digestive Problem
37 Avocado Persea americana Protects The Heart, Improve Brain Function, Prevents Diabetes Complication
38 Bitter leaf Vernonia amygdalina Measles, Hypertension, Stomachache
39 Bitter orange Citrus aurantium Indigestion, Nausea, And Constipation
40 Efirin Ocimum gratissimum Antibacterial, Pile, Diabetes, Typhoid
41 Ejirin Momordica charantia Malaria, Diabetes, Pile,
42 Borututu Cochlospermum angolensis Malaria, Inflammation, Improve Blood Circulation
43 Carrot Daucus carota Diabetes, Lower Cancer Risk, Promote Healthy Vision
44 Kanafuru Syzygium aromaticum Diabetes, Malaria, Hemorrhoid
45 Drum stick Moringa oleifera Malaria, Hysteria, Ease Labour, Diabetes






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