13 Health benefits of Bitter kola you should know.

Bitter Kola
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You just need to know how your health will improve when you take Bitter Kola regularly.

Are you aware of benefits of bitter Kola?

The health benefits of Bitter kola is unknown but everyone is aware of its bitterness which is the major reason it is not the favorite of many people.

I think you need to consider adding it to herbs you must take if your health is a major concern to you.

Consider the fact that you will save money that would have gone to drugs and medical Consultation by regularly taking it.

Bitter kola (Garcinia kola) also known as false kola and male kola (English), orogbo (Yoruba-Western Nigeria), cida goro (Hausa-Northern Nigeria), Aku ilu or Ugugolu (Igbo-Eastern Nigeria), Efiari (Efik), and Igoligo (Idoma-Middle Belt) is an evergreen, dicotyledonous plant found in moist forest, riverine and swampy areas.

Health Benefits of Bitter kola

let’s look at what you stand to gain if you take Bitter kola regularly.

Different studies have shown that bitter kola can be used to prevent or treat different diseases, this can be attributed to the active ingredients such as flavonoids, xanthones and triterpenes identified in the plant.

benefits of Bitter Kola
Bitter Kola

What are the health benefits of bitter kola in man?

Basically, one benefit a man would derive from eating bitter kola is the increase in quality of sperm. A lot of men experience an increase in libido, sustained erection when bitter kola is taken with alligator pepper, kola nut, black pepper.

Can bitter kola cure glaucoma?

Those who have glaucoma or high ocular pressure should consider taking bitter kola. A study involving forty-six subjects confirmed that eating bitter kola reduced intraocular pressure by as much as 21%. This would be of serious benefit to those who live in low-income countries or cannot afford the cost of medications.

Glaucoma is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing a gradual loss of sight. It could result in permanent blindness if left untreated.

Is Bitter kola good for pain?

One of the fast-selling drugs in the world is pain-relieving drugs. Ranging from children to adult take pain-relieving drugs almost daily.

But the sad news is that most of the drugs come with ugly side effects and the effects is for a short period.

Now, you have a far better choice.

Bitter kola has pain relieving properties and comes with additional benefits of reducing inflammation.

Garcinia kola can be used to relieve pain, because it has significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. This will be suitable for patients with pain related conditions like arthritis, trauma, injuries, inflammations, etc.

This will be of great benefits to those who suffer from arthritis.

Kolaviron is a biflavonoid isolated from Garcinia kola, which has been reported for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Can bitter kola reduce weight?

This seed suppresses appetite for food, therefore it will aid in loss of weight especially when there is a health reason to shed weight like in reducing high blood pressure or diabetes.

Is bitter kola an oxidant?

The seed of bitter kola is a very good antioxidant because of it’s high content of bioflavonids. This boost the body immunity and help to cope with stress.

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Can bitter kola cure Stomach ulcer?

One benefit of Bitter kola is that it reduce stomach acid production, which will be helpful for those suffering from chronic stomach ulcers.

Is bitter kola good for diabetes?

One health benefit of Bitter Kola is that it can reduce blood sugar considerably. This makes bitter kola good for those who are diabetics. Also, it promotes wound healing, which will help to heal diabetic ulcers.

Is bitter kola good for the liver?

Bitter kola contains liver protecting bioflavonoids, which makes it helpful in treating liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice.

In a study, bitter kola protected the liver from the harmful effect of a high dose of paracetamol. This should be good news to those who take a lot of paracetamol to ease body pain.

Is bitter kola good for women?

A study in rats demonstrated that bitter kola blocked ovulation by 70%. This effect was reversible. This shows that bitter kola is a potential female contraceptive.

Is bitter kola good for malaria?

A study showed that bioflavonoids were effective in the treatment of rats infected with Plasmodium berghei, no human study has been conducted on plasmodium falciparum but Garcinia kola is traditionally used for malaria therapy in Central Africa.

Is bitter kola good for Cough and Sore throat?

Bitter kola is used to treat cough, mouth infections, sore throat. Bitter kola is mixed with honey as an effective home remedy for cough, bronchitis, Laryngitis and respiratory problems.

Can Bitter kola treat stomach disorders?

Bitter kola have been used to treat different stomach disorders like dysentery, diarrhea, food poison, to prevent and treat colic.

Can bitter kola repel snakes?

Many people believe that with bitter kola in your pocket, snakes will not attack you. While that is a folklore belief, I am yet to meet anyone who has tried it or confirmed its efficacy.

How to take bitter kola.

In most communities, they ate bitter kola raw. An easier way is to buy powder bitter kola and take a teaspoonful twice or three times daily.

Another way is to mix bitter kola powder with honey. The honey will mask the bitterness of the bitter kola.

What are the side effects of Bitter kola?

The kola nut contains about 2 to 3 percent caffeine and 1 to 2 percent theobromine, both of which act as stimulants when consumed.

The major side effect of bitter kola can be attributed to the high content of caffeine.

Some side effects of bitter kola include

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Nervousness
  4. Restlessness


Now that you know Bitter Kola is good for cough, malaria, low sperm count, protects the liver and many more, you can add it to the list of herbs you should take regularly, but it should be in small quantities because of the caffeine content.

You should ignore the snake repellant myth because it is very difficult to prove.

Did I miss out anything? Leave a comment or reply in the comment box.

We provide the medical information provided in this article as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

We provide the medical information provided in this article as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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